Authorization and Authentication

The right and privileged of data stored in the container follows these rules:
  • Once a Workflow copy data into a Container ; the right and privilege of the original data are kept. This requires having Container user permission well configured to authorize these users to access their files.
  • If end users copy files through container in using SMB protocols, the rights will be the one defined in the Container access. Rights granted by the Container and associated permission schema.
Different types of authorization and authentication are available to access to container:
  1. 1.
    Local users and groups
  2. 2.
    Active Directory
  3. 3.
Container Authentication Services
With any of those, it is possible to define the rights and privileges of each user. This will allow and authorize the access of the container.
To set this authorization:
  • Go to Container and choose it.
  • Select “User” and select in the 3 buttons the edit button. you define the rights (Read/Write, Read Only, or no access).
Container User Management
Edit Container
Define the Container's Priviledges
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