Nodeum provides a user-friendly graphical console and gives different monitoring options (email, SNMP, etc.) on storage activities, system activities and much more.

A rich graphical user interface that provides similar functionality to the nd command line tool with additional features.

The Nodeum Console is available to handling administration tasks like Workflow Definition, Storages configuration, Reporting and Log Monitoring, or any overall system Configuration. This interface is embedded as part of the Nodeum Services.

Compatibility guidelines

Web Based Interface designed in HTML5, Nodeum provides the best of its capabilities in using Chrome or Firefox as browser.

Settings MacOS

There is some settings available that control the scrollbar display.

To activate the Show Scrollbars to β€˜always’ , this can display the vertical scrollbars.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Two different user profiles are available to use, manage and administrate Nodeum throughout the Console.

CatalogWorkflow ManagementTrend Analytic

Standard End-User




Administrator User




How to access to the Console?

You can browse the Console Administration with your favorite browser through this URL: http://<your server address>.

By default an administrator profile is defined with the following credential:

Default Login : `admin`

Default Password : `password`

Connect with this credetial to create your own user profile.

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