Log Management

All systems and tasks are logged into a central log management service. This service gathers all of these logs and displayed them into the Event Log Management section.

The log information are provided in realtime, there is the option to go into the historical data and search after log.

Event Log

It allows to download all trace informations required by advanced support team in case of technical issue.

The trace collector is an asynchronous system that compress and archive debug files and allow to download them once ready.



This gather all below informations

Data Mining

Statistics about product usage.

File System Virtualization

This is about the container usage feature.

Library Manager

This is about the Tape Library and Tape Drive Management.


This is about the the Workflow Manager and help to solve issue which happened during tasks executions.


This is about the watchdog and how services are monitored


Anything about the system itself.


Anything about the Web GUI.

To get trace activated and to provide the required information, it is required to active the debug trace.

Grafana Loki Integration

There is the option to externalize all logs to a central Grafana Loki platform. The configuration of the exporter is done in using the Nodeum Ansible installation playbook.

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