Object Storage Management


Nodeum supports the widely recognized S3 protocol format for seamless communication with object storage. It ensures a reliable and secure connection with a variety of object storage providers, whether public or private.

Nodeum boasts an impressive compatibility matrix that covers a wide range of technologies and vendors, enabling users to effortlessly integrate Nodeum into their existing storage infrastructure.

The compatibility matrix highlights the versatility of Node-um and its ability to communicate with various storage providers such as AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, and many more.

With Nodeum, users can confidently manage their data movement workflows, knowing that their storage infrastructure is fully supported.

Nodeum offers complete flexibility to customers by preventing any vendor lock-in and allowing them to schedule data movement between different cloud providers. The platform supports a wide range of cloud storage providers, including public and private clouds, and provides the ability to migrate data between them seamlessly.

With Nodeum, customers have the freedom to choose the cloud provider that best suits their needs, and can easily switch to another provider without the worry of being locked-in.

Nodeum's advanced data management features ensure that data is securely and efficiently moved between different cloud providers, without any loss or corruption.

The platform also offers data encryption capabilities, providing an extra layer of security for data in transit. Overall, Nodeum provides a highly flexible and secure solution for customers to manage their data across different cloud providers, without any restrictions or limitations.


Nodeum supports the Swift protocol in addition to the S3 protocol. This includes a full integration with the OpenStack Swift object storage platform and the Nodeum Swift storage configuration includes the full support of Keystone versions.

This integration enables users to take advantage of the scalability and durability of Swift storage. Users can easily create and manage workflows that copy or move data to and from containers and Swift Object Storage using Nodeum's interface or API.

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