Step by Step

Hardware Preparation

  • x86 Server to install the Linux Operating System and Nodeum Software
  • Verify in the Nodeum compatibility matrix guide if storage devices are compatible.

Deploy a Linux Operating System

Verification that all Services are running

Verify that all services are running well, this can be seen in a specific page in the menu settings/services.

Add the Nodeum Software license

Without a license, you will be allowed to access the product but not execute any task.

Configure the time

Verify DNS and Hostname Configuration

Configure the Cache

Required for active archive Workflow

Configure Container

Required for active archive Workflow

Configure your Storage (NAS, Cloud, Tape)

Define pool Storage

The storage pool is the abstraction layer between the task movement and the different storage class.
The pool management organize the class of storage (Primary Storage or Secondary Storage) and the Policy-Based Task orchestration.
Storage Pool is a requirement before configuring a Workflow.
Pool Storage configuration

Configure your User


Configure the internal Nodeum Backup

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