Tape Writing Format : LTFS

Nodeum uses the LTFS open format to write data on magnetic tapes. The LTFS format (Linear Tape File System) is a format supported by the drive and tape library manufacturers which are the founders of the LTO Ultrium consortium. This format has existed since the LTO-5 generation. It offers the unique feature to store both data and index data on tape.

A tape written with the LTFS format can be read independently of any storage system and offers a file system to access the data written on that tape. The LTFS drivers for any kind of operating system can read the index and then execute functions like copy, update or delete. It is also possible to use a graphical interface for features like a simple drag and drop.

Unlike tapes generated by backup software, LTFS tapes can be removed from the appliance, shared and stored. And, because they are stored following an open format under a common standard, other divisions, customers, partners or workgroups can easily access data without having to purchase specialized hardware or additional software.

Nodeum is listed as one of the LTFS Partners. Moreover, it is important to know that Nodeum has been certified as a LTFS certified appliance by the LTO consortium:

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