Import a LTFS Tape

How to import into Nodeum a LTFS Tape ?

Before using Nodeum, you probably using the LTFS protocol.

You have LTFS Tape in your tape library and you need to import into Nodeum your data set.

How to proceed?

  1. Insert in your tape Library the tape to import

  2. Create a Maintenance task to scan an LTFS media

  3. Launch the task

SourceType of action Mover


Scan an LTFS Media

Result after the task processed with success

  1. Information are known by Nodeum

  2. Information are display in all metrics (tape reporting, tape Overview, Catalog

  3. Information on tape can be easily reloaded


It's very useful to :

  1. catalog your data and to avoid to make a data migration tape to tape. Your team improve their productivity.

  2. Facilitate the migration of a LTFS Appliance. It's very transparent. The migration of the solution Scalar LTFS is validated by Nodeum.

  3. Facilitate the exchange of contents with your customers or partners.

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