Filtering (Basic or Advanced)

Allows users to easily manage and organize their data movement workflows by filtering files based on specific criteria. Handle different time - date threshold in the filter module such as : creation date, last access date, ...

Two different types of filtering are available:

  • basic mode

  • Advanced mode: it provides an embedded scripting editor.

Based on File Name

The file name and path can be used in the filtering module.

Based on File Extension

Based on File Size

Based on Boolean Operators

Boolean operators are available. Default operator is inclusive OR, different operators can be set.

Based on Metadata

A attribute ‘ship’ is defined for the file ‘mytestext’, and set to ‘boat 1’

$ ~# getfattr mytestext -d
# file: mytestext
user.ship="boat 1"

Then we can use a filter to request to copy only file which has this attribute set to boat 1.

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