Indexed Content

An indexation engine is natively available for indexing all metadata information about contents, tasks, reports and data management statistics.

This engine allows fast search in the overall solution because, instead of searching text, it searches an index.

The solution includes a Solr-indexed engine and Nodeum indexation engine service.

This last service is designed for exporting all defined information from SQL and NoSQL databases to Solr for creating the index.

The engine run automaticly.

Sometimes, it's required to index the catalog.


In the case where End-Users prefer to execute a data movement directly from the Catalog, they can use the basket to launch Data Archiving or Data Protection workflow from there.

The benefit for the End-Users is to accelerate the operation in leverage the search and filtering of the Catalog.


Authorization to User Admin

It is possible to authorize the admin account to see ll in the catalog.

Force an indexation

To force an indexation, go to menu System and choose Setting

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