User Management

Two different user managements sections are available:

  • Web

  • Container

Web Access

System -> User Management -> Web

Add a user

To add a user and give access to the console, you need to go to the user management Panel:

For each user, you have the option to define a role (Administrator role or Standard user role).

Click on the button

Complete the form

Default user

By default, a user "admin" is created during the first installation. This user has the ID : 1000.

For the first connection, use the default admininistrator username to log in.

It’s recommended to change the password of admin.

Container Access

System -> User Management -> Container

Nodeum provides a logical representation of files virtualization.

This defines an abstraction layer between file servers and the clients that access those file servers.

The file virtualization layer manages files and file systems across different storages.

This file system is reachable through the network with standard transport protocols such as NFS, SMB and S3.

To configure it read the Container configuration section.

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