Docker Based Deployment

To deploy the Nodeum as Docker Container, follow these instructions :

Download the images

$ yum install wget
$ wget 
$ tar -xvzf /root/nodeum-docker-compose-v2-x-y-zzz.tar.gz
$ cd v2-x-y

Load Docker Images

$ docker load -i data-management.tgz
$ docker load -i web.tgz
$ docker load -i fluentd.tgz

Start with Docker Compose

$ docker compose up --detach

If there is no internet access

If the server doesn't have internet access, some images must be pulled and loaded manually.

$ docker image pull mariadb:10.6
$ docker image pull mongo:4.4
$ docker image pull redis:6.2.6
$ docker image pull
$ docker image save mariadb:10.6 mongo:4.4 redis:6.2.6 | 
gzip > services.tgz

On the host where you want to deploy Nodeum:

$ docker load -i services.tgz

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