Task Maintenance for Tapes

Nodeum provides differents types of maintenance dedicated for tape Library.

  • Format a media in LTFS

  • Scan a LTFS Media

  • Check tape media consistency

Format a media in LTFS

Before to using a tape with Nodeum, you need to format the media with the appliance. The media will be formatted in LTFS and you can start to use it.

The format of tape can be done with either 1 single tape, multiple tapes or even a pool of tapes.

There is an option available in the task definition to assign the tape into the Scratch pool after the format process is done with success. By default, when a tape is added in the tape library, there is no pool are automatically assigned.

Note: Be careful that if a tape is going to be formatted, then its content will be totally erased.

Scan a LTFS Media

The scan is used to discover contents on LTFS Tape. The contents are added automatically in the catalog of Nodeum.

Check tape media consistency

This feature allows to check the LTFS consistency of a media. A volume is consistent when both partitions are complete and the last Index Construct in the Index Partition has a back pointer to the last Full Index Construct in the Data Partition.

This task allow to verify if the tape media is consistent, if not, then it will indicate that an operation of media recovery had to be done in using the ltfsck command.

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