Platform Support

Nodeum provides builds for the following platforms and architecture.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5+ & Rocky 8.5+

  • AMD64 architecture

Nodeum can be deployed on a physical server, virtual machine or a Docker container.

Learn more about the hardware requirement.

The installation is performed with an Ansible Playbook or a Docker Image.

Prerequisites :

Remove previous Python installation

On each server part of the cluster, remove previous Python installation and install the right version

$ pip uninstall pip
$ yum remove python3
$ yum install python38
$ pip3 install --upgrade pip

For a multi nodes deployment, Python installation and pip3 upgrade have to be performed on each node.

Installation of Ansible

From the node where you run the Ansible playbooks installation

$ pip3 install ansible
$ pip3 install jinja2 --upgrade
$ pip3 install netaddr --upgrade

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