Platform Support

Nodeum provides builds for the following platforms and architecture.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5+ & Rocky 8.5+
  • AMD64 architecture
Nodeum can be deployed on a physical server, virtual machine or a Docker container.
Learn more about the hardware requirement.
The installation is performed with an Ansible Playbook or a Docker Image.

Prerequisites :

  • Check the DNS Resolution
  • Check that the server time if well configured
  • For Ansible, it's required to deploy the Ansible 2.12.5 and Python 3.8
  • For Docker, it's required to deploy Docker Engine. Podman is not compatible yet as it doesn't support fluentd driver.

Remove previous Python installation

On each server part of the cluster, remove previous Python installation and install the right version
$ yum remove python3
$ yum install python38
$ pip3 install --upgrade pip
For a multi nodes deployment, Python installation and pip3 upgrade have to be performed on each node.

Installation of Ansible

From the node where you run the Ansible playbooks installation
$ pip3 install ansible
$ pip3 install jinja2 --upgrade
$ pip3 install netaddr --upgrade
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