Data Management Software for Hybrid Storage

Nodeum is a software to manage data mobility and data organization when data volumes and capacity are exploding. It unifies the management of all data movement workflows.
With logs and reports for each task, the solution provides full visibility and control to ensure the security and integrity of data.
Data management requirements are becoming more and more important. It has even become mandatory for some industries, especially for research centers.
Digitalization of information is a widespread need in all companies.
Business applications have an impact on how information should be stored and archived in time. Nonetheless, there are now many industries impacted by this increase. Ceasing to be linear, those increases in data volumes have become exponential.
To address these challenges, data storage management solutions are positioned as an adequate response to the need to abstract different storage silos such as disk tapes, and the cloud.
To address these problems, our philosophy is to Help Enterprise in this new era, of hybrid storage, we identify two types of Storage:
1. Primary Storage is the first layer where the production of the Data is managed. Enterprise needs very fast disk, very low latency, and high IOPS.
2. Secondary Storage is where data are cascaded from the primary storage, often it is the storage layer is located the data is less often used. The secondary storage can be a NAS, a private Cloud, a Public Cloud, or even a Tape Library. All of these are behind the same logical interface.
This includes the need of solutions for automatic data transfer engines between different storage systems. Nodeum is designed for organizations that require a high-performance, reliable and secure data storage infrastructure.
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