Pool Definition

The storage pool is the abstraction layer between the task movement and the different storage class.

The pool management organize the class of storage between the Primary Storage and the Secondary Storage.

Storage Pool is a requirement before configuring a Workflow.

Storage Pools are defined in each class of storage :

Use to declare the data source.

The Primary storage can be a NAS Storage or a Cloud Storage

The abstraction does the difference between what is considered as Primary Storage and as Secondary Storage.

For Secondary Storage, pools can be defined to organize the different storage systems available per type of Workflow Policy.

Pool Storage configuration

For NAS Storage and Object Storage

Storages Services -> Pool -> NAS or Cloud Tab

  1. Select a name for the Pool

  2. Select a type: - Primary Storage (only available for NAS & Cloud Pool) - Active Archive - Offline archive

  3. Define the NAS Storage or Object Storage name

  4. And define the Target (NAS Storage) or Bucket (Object Storage)

  5. Save the Form

For Tape Storage

Storages Services -> Pool -> Tape Tab

  1. Select a name for the Pool

  2. Select a type: - Active Archive - Offline archive - Data Exchange (only available for tape pool)

  3. Define the Tape Library

  4. And define the list of Volume(s) which will be part of the pool

  5. You have the option to select the option to set directly the tapes in write protection when they are full.

  6. Save the Form

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